City Walking Tours


  • Sunrise Tour  :     800rs per person (+18% GST). One hour by boat followed
                               by a two hours walking tour along the ghats and nearby
                               alleys and temples. 
  • Bazaar Tour   :     800rs per person (+18% GST). Three hour walking tour
                                around the markets and temples of the old city.
  • Sunset Tour   :     800rs per person (+18% GST). Two hours by boat watching
                               the sunset over the Ganges, followed by a riverside view
                               of the evening Ganges Aarti ceremony.
  • Learn for Life:    800rs per person (+18% GST). Three hour walking tour
    Project Tour       verting around the initiatives of Learn for Life
                              Empowerment Project, in order to showcase the
                              achievements and constant effort from LfL to bring
                              a social impact in Varanasi marginalised communities.
                              This is a unique opportunity to get in touch with locals
                              and see a side of India that is usually not accessible to

    All of our tours are fully guided by one of our English-speaking guides.

    On special request we can even provide Japanese-speaking guide.

    As we are famous for our bakery and restaurant, we can arrange for you

    lunch boxes (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to bring on your tour with us.


    For booking our tours please contact by mail or phone:

    mail :

    call  : 0091 9838888823

    In order to reserve a tour with us, we request advance payment through

    our easy to use payment gateway. 

    First contact us to check availability and we will send you the booking

    confirmation along with the link for the payment.

    Learn for Life Empowerment Project provides basic education 
    to children from a poor background in Varanasi. We created our 
    guided tours in order to employ older pupils and their family members. 
    Our tour guides are very knowledgeable and have great experience 
    in explaining their city's secrets to our guests. The profit, 
    as from Brown Bread Bakery and Organic German Bakeshop, 
    goes to Badi Asha School, located in Aurangabad, Varanasi. 
    You are most welcome to visit our school (please contact us 
    in advance through Brown Bread Bakery)!

    Tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries worldwide; and in India it represents a substantial percentage of GDP, Learn for Life foresees the great potential of this sector and the wealth that it could bring to Indian people, therefore we have started a new vocational training for tour guides in Varanasi.
    The training is to provide the participants with a series of 
    important hard and soft skills through Computer classes, English Language classes, Economy classes and History and Culture classes.

    As we are aware of the big environmental challenge that the world is facing, we know that Tourism can either play a positive or a negative role in such sense. 

    Therefore, Learn for Life promotes a Sustainable Tourism, whose theory and practice are taught to the trainees as well. 

    Futhermore, we ensure that the trainees internalise concepts such as work ethics, fair working conditions and professionalism which are always guaranteed to them from our side.

    Beside this, 
    Learn for Life also started a history program in the school in order to teach history and culture to Badi Asha School students, with the aim of ultimately stimulate the curiosity of the children about the historical knowledge of their own city and culture, with a substantial attention to the environmental education, in order to teach young students to respect their own surrounding.